How do I create a backup of my data?

Your IntelliScanner data comes in two parts:

To back up all of your IntelliScanner data, back up both of these things.

Backing up your IntelliScanner preferences and Media database files

  1. Launch the IntelliScanner Dashboard, then click on the "Tools" tab and click "Backup Databases" to use the built-in backup utility.

  2. This will create a folder called "Apparent Corporation Backup" that you can save to a USB flash drive, etc.

Backing up your individual database files

If you're using IntelliScanner apps other than Media, your database files are stored where ever you saved them when you set up those apps for the first time.

Here's how to find and back up those database files for each app:

Now that I have a backup, how do I restore my data?

Select the app you're using below for restore instructions: