IntelliScanner Legacy Help

This page offers legacy product information and software downloads for discontinued IntelliScanner models. If you recently purchased your IntelliScanner, don't download from this site – visit for support and downloads for your scanner.

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If you have a discontinued IntelliScanner model that’s no longer supported, this IntelliScanner Legacy Support website provides older downloads and resources to support your older scanner. We’re pleased to provide this information to assist in your use of older models – however, the legacy models that are been discontinued for a number of years are no longer supported.

Legacy Downloads

If you have an older, discontinued model, we do still provide a software download for you. Select your scanner model on our legacy download page.

Software Help

We have FAQs and documentation available for all of our legacy software, in the Software section of this support site.

Legacy general info

The Legacy general information section contains general hardware and software FAQs.

Support & Upgrade Offer

Got a discontinued IntelliScanner model and would like to move up to one of the current models? Here's everything you need to know about upgrading.