Third Party Apps

IntelliScanner Scanabout Pro and IntelliScanner Pro barcode readers perform direct keyboard emulation, so they can be used directly with any third-party application. This works on Mac and PC – and for Scanabout Pro, it also works on iOS and Android devices.

What keyboard emulation does

What keyboard emulation means is that the scanner is functioning in the same way as a keyboard. Whenever you scan a barcode, that barcode number will be typed directly into whatever application your cursor is active in.

How do I use keyboard emulation?

Just put your cursor wherever you want the barcode number to go and scan - that's all there is to it.

What apps can I use?

Any app! If you can type into the app with a keyboard, so can our scanners. Here's some example apps along with information on integrating your IntelliScanner:

How do I customize the scanner's output?

By default, our scanners will type an enter keystroke after they type the barcode number. For many applications, this is the action you want - in some circumstances, you may want to change this end of text character or other behavior. Select from the models below for advanced customization options.

How do I hide and show the keyboard on iOS?

When Scanabout Pro is used with an iOS device, your iOS device will automatically hide the on-screen keyboard. To allow access to the on-screen keyboard, download and print a copy of this worksheet - then scan the barcode for Enable Keyboard Triggering.

Once Keyboard Triggering is enabled, you can "double-click" the button on your Scanabout Pro to toggle the on-screen keyboard.