Asset Tags

IntelliScanner Asset Tags are printed barcode tags, perfect for organizing everything in your business, home, classroom, or institution that doesn't already have a barcode.

Just peel and stick to anything you want to track – books, periodicals, furniture, wine, appliances, electronics, or business assets. Adding an asset tag instantly assign a permanent, unique, scannable serial number to each item. They're perfect for tracking, lending, and on-item identification.

IntelliScanner Asset Tags work with both IntelliScanner brand barcode scanners and third-party barcode scanners – in fact, they're quite popular for users of all sorts of barcode scanners and systems. You can order tags online direct from or from


We offer packs of 100 and 250 asset tags, and rolls of 500 asset tags. IntelliScanner Asset Tags are stocked and ready to ship, or, you can also order customized asset tags with your company name on them. We ship these within a few days worldwide. Best of all, because we make our custom asset tags in our factory in such high volumes, every day, they're extremely affordable – even when customized.

Frequently asked questions

What are IntelliScanner Asset Tags made of?
IntelliScanner Asset Tags have a high durability polypropylene construction, printed with high quality resin for long life. Each tag is constructed with permanent adhesive for long-lasting durability. Each tag is 2.0x0.5" (50.8 x 12.7 mm) in size and has a completely unique 7 or 8 digit barcode - we never print the same barcode twice, so if you order some now and more later, there's never a risk of a duplicate.

What kind of barcodes are used?
IntelliScanner Asset Tags use industry standard Code 39 barcodes. Any barcode scanner can scan them.

Can IntelliScanner Asset Tags be customized?
Certainly – you can optionally add custom text (like your company name) above the barcode. Visit for a form that lets you preview your barcode and test what will fit.

Is there a minimum for customization?
There is not. You can order our smallest pack option (100 tags) customized if you'd like.

Do you offer other customizations, like logos, different materials, or custom sizes?
We do not. The only customization we offer is the text above the barcode. The standardization we use for production allows us to offer such a high quality product for such a market competitive price.

Can I order asset tags with specific barcode values, or values following the last ones I received?
We do not offer an option to specify the barcode values for a specific order of IntelliScanner Asset Tags. However, we never produce the same barcode value twice – so you will never have any overlap with the IntelliScanner tags you already have in use. Uniqueness is what's important in barcodes, not sequentiality.

How long does it take to produce custom tags?
1-3 business days.

Where are IntelliScanner Asset Tags produced?
Our facility is in Cary, North Carolina USA.

Are IntelliScanner Asset Tags suitable for the outdoors?
We don't suggest our tags for outdoor environments where they'll be fully exposed to the elements.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, at a minimum of 10,000 barcodes (20 rolls).

Here's our volume pricing for customized barcodes:

Please note, above pricing is for orders customized with your organization's name (they must be uniquely customized). Contact us to place a customized asset tag order at a discount.

If you want to purchase uncustomized tags, we offer a single discount level: