The Media software application is a powerful media organization solution for your home or classroom. It uses Internet-enabled and local databases to automatically catalog books, movies, music, and video games. Simply scan the barcodes found on the items with an IntelliScanner barcode reader and Media handles the rest.

When Media is first run it will prompt for an activation code. This code can be found on a card included with your product bundle. Enter the code on the card to activate the application. Media will then ask if it should use international (non-US) data sources when looking up item information. This option is slower but may be needed to find information on certain items. This option can always be changed later in the preferences. Lastly, Media will begin downloading an auxiliary movie database. It is recommended that this download not be canceled if movies will be cataloged. If the download process is interrupted it can be restarted with the Update DVD Database button in the preferences.

Adding Media Items With Your IntelliScanner

Click the Add Items toolbar button or choose Add Items from the File menu. A dialog will open asking for barcode values. Use an IntelliScanner barcode reader to scan the barcodes found on media items. Multiple items can be scanned into this list and added in one batch process. Some books have both a UPC barcode and an ISBN barcode. The ISBN barcode, characterized by the letters "ISBN" and a value beginning with 978, should be scanned. Click the Start button to begin retrieving information on the scanned items.

Adding Media Items By Name

If a book/CD/DVD lacks a barcode, you can also add the item by name. Click on the Add Items button, in Media, then click Add Media By Name button. You can search by title or author name and Media will show you a list of matches - select one, then click the Add button

Managing Media Items

The left-most list in the main window contains media item lists. The Collection list contains all items in the collection. The Search Results list contains items that match the last search query. Other lists are user-definable, such as smart media lists which contain items that currently match a given criteria, media lists which contain items added to them, and remote media lists which contain items from a remote collection on the Internet.

When a media item list is selected its contents are displayed on the right side of the main window. When a media item is clicked its details are displayed; when it is double-clicked its details can be edited.

Lending Media items

Media has a simple lending function to keep track of who currently has a book. To lend a book in Media, scan the barcode to find the item, then click on the "Friends" button to change the status to "Lent out" and type in a name. Items that are lent out stay in your collection and are added to the "Lending Manager" list.

To return an item, you can scan the barcode to look it up -- when the item is found, click on the "Friends" button to change it's status back to "Available".

The lending function in Media will show you who currently has a book, but is limited in that it doesn't maintain a history or report of lending activity, etc.

Searching & Smart Lists (reports)

By building simple queries the collection of media items can be searched. Click the Search button in the toolbar or choose Search Window from the View menu. Specify the criteria to look for in the Search window. Criteria can be added and removed using the plus and minus buttons. Click the Search button to perform the query and display matching media items in the Search Results list of the main window. To instead save this query for repeated use, click the Save As Smart Media List button in the search window and specify a name.


Information from Media can be accessed on mobile devices via our service. is a free service for users to post information from their collections so they can view this information on the web.

To publish your data to from Media, click on the "Publish" button in Media. This provides you with a custom web address for information on your stuff. For example:

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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or contact IntelliScanner Customer Care if your questions aren't covered there.