Inventory is a powerful solution for tracking items and materials. Simply create a new database -- using one of over 20 built-in templates, or with your own custom fields -- then start entering data with your IntelliScanner. Using the barcodes found on retail items, or using our pre-printed IntelliScanner Asset Tags, you can organize, sort, search, report on, and query your business inventory, libraries, and collections.

When Inventory is first run it will prompt for an activation code. This code can be found on a card included with your product bundle.

Creating A New Database

When Inventory is launched, you will be prompted to either Create New Database or Open Database. When you select to create a new database you can either choose from one 20 templates or create your own using the Blank Template. Save your new database and make sure you backup your data regularly. A data backup utility is available in the File menu option.

Adding Inventory Items With Your IntelliScanner

Entering data with your IntelliScanner barcode reader is as easy as putting your cursor into a field and scanning a barcode. Click on the Add Items toolbar button or select Add Item from the File menu option. Use your IntelliScanner barcode reader to read the barcode from your item and type in the rest of the information as it pertains to that item. If you are moving from Inventory 1.x, you can import your old database by selecting the File menu option and selecting Import From Inventory 1.x. You can also import data from any tab-delimited text file.

Managing Inventory Items

The main window contains a list of all your inventory items. You can edit one of the items by double clicking on the item in the list, by selecting the item and clicking the Edit toolbar button or by selecting Edit Item from the File menu option. An image and notes can be added to each item in your database using the Notes and Artwork toolbar buttons or by clicking on the Notes and Artwork buttons when editing an item. New in Inventory is an inventory counting function – click on the Inventory toolbar button or select Inventory from the Tools menu option. Scan the barcodes from all the items you are counting, then click the "Inventory" button.

Batch Data Modification

Inventory incorporates a feature to allow you to batch modify items in your inventory. Select Batch Modify from the Tools menu option. Scan in the barcode numbers for the items you want to batch modify and click Edit. Now you can modify all of these items simultaneously.


Click the Search toolbar button or choose Search from the Tools menu. Specify the search criteria to look for in the search window and click Search to perform the search. The search results will appear in the Search Results Report window. You can print this search result, send it to Excel, email it or export it as tab-delimited text, CSV or XML.

Adjusting Quantity & Low Stock Report

To adjust quantity in Inventory, click on the Quantities toolbar button or select Adjust Quantities from the Tools menu option and select whether you want to increase, decrease or set new value for your items. Use your IntelliScanner to scan the barcode values from your items you're adjusting, then click the "Adjust" button. When you set a minimum quantity and quantity on hand, you can get an instant report on all items that are below their minimum quantity by clicking on the Low Stock toolbar button or by selecting Low Stock Report from the Tools menu item.

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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or contact IntelliScanner Customer Care if your questions aren't covered there.