Daneizo is IntelliScanner's complete lending management solution with everything you need to track books, videos, or anything you want to lend. In just a few minutes, Daneizo can be configured to track items, members, and transactional relationships between the two. With IntelliScanner technology, each record is associated with a pre-printed barcode, making the process of checking items in and out easy -- for example, to check out a series of items, the operator needs only to scan the member's card, then scan the asset tag on each article.

Daneizo is designed for small to medium-sized lending libraries and equipment rooms, with no maximum number of borrowers and items.

To learn how to use Daneizo, download the Daneizo Documentation PDF.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or contact IntelliScanner Customer Care if your questions aren't covered there.