The Assets software application, when partnered with an IntelliScanner barcode reader, is an easy-to-use solution for creating a catalog of personal assets. The application creates and edits databases of asset records. Each asset record has fields for the asset's name, barcode, description, purchase and value data, insurance policy, serial number, notes, and artwork. Each asset record is also associated with a location and category defined in separate lists.

When Assets is first run a dialog will indicate that there is no assets file open. Click the New File button to create a new assets database file that will open in the main Assets window. On the top of the main window are toolbar buttons to quickly access the main functions of the application. On the left side of the window is a list of assets along with criteria to filter the list by location, category, or search keywords. The right side of the window contains the details of the currently selected asset.

Locations and Categories

The locations and categories provide an easy way to organize assets into groups. Every asset must be associated with one location and one category. If a location or category is renamed all assets associated with that location or category will reflect the change. If a location or category is deleted all assets associated with that location or category will also be deleted. Click the Edit Locations or Edit Categories toolbar button to modify the list of locations or categories.

Adding Assets

Click the New Asset toolbar button in the main window or choose New Asset from the File menu. A dialog will prompt for the asset's barcode value. Scan the barcode with an IntelliScanner barcode reader, manually enter the barcode value with the keyboard, or press the No Barcode button if there is no barcode associated with this asset. A second dialog will prompt for the location and category of the asset. If a location and category were previously selected in the main window this prompt will automatically default to those selections. The new asset will be created, added to the asset list, and selected for editing. Enter information on the asset in the right part of the main window. Changes are automatically saved.

Viewing Items

The assets list in the left side of the main window displays assets that match the filter criteria specified above the list. To view all assets in the database set the Locations and Categories filters to "All" and clear the Search field. To view or edit an item simply click it in the assets list.


Click the Print toolbar button in the main window or choose Print from the File menu. A dialog will prompt with a choice of three printing options: Print list with artwork and specified fields; Print list with barcodes and specified fields; Print one item per page with full details. The first two options print a list of up to six customizable fields of the currently viewed assets, along with artwork thumbnails or barcodes. The third option prints artwork and all fields of the currently view assets, one asset per page.


The database of assets can be exported to tab-delimited, CSV, and XML file formats. Choose Export Assets from the File menu to open the export dialog. Specify the desired file format and check the boxes next to the asset fields to be exported. All fields will be exported by default. Click the Export button and choose a file name and location to save.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or contact IntelliScanner Customer Care if your questions aren't covered there.