Corded USB

IntelliScanner organizes everything with barcode technology. It's easy – we'll show you how.

Setting Up

Attach the wide end of the cable to the back of the scanner — you'll hear it click in — then connect the USB plug to your computer.

Wait for about 5 seconds while the drivers are installed, and you're ready to start scanning. (If a dialog pops up to help you set up a new keyboard, just close it and you won't be prompted again.)


To scan, hold IntelliScanner, push the button on the bottom with your finger, then press the illuminated scanning head directly against the barcode. You'll hear a beep when you've got it right.

Downloading the apps

Download the latest IntelliScanner Software Package here.

IntelliScanner offers a variety of apps designed for organizing different kinds of items — for example, Media organizes books, movies, and media; Assets organizes home property; Inventory organizes small business assets and stocked inventory.

Your IntelliScanner comes with one or more apps, depending on the particular model purchased. Your Software Activation Card (found elsewhere in the box) has the information you need to activate the included apps.

What's next?

Your IntelliScanner is all set up! But, your scanner as just a fast, convenient way to capture the barcode number – the smarts are in the included software. Continue reading this online guide to learn more about your scanner and its included software so you can start getting organized right away.

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