How IntelliScanner Works

IntelliScanner makes getting organized with smart barcode scanners and software that organize everything.

Every IntelliScanner products includes three things:

  1. A physical barcode scanner you can scan barcodes with
  2. A package of companion software
  3. Pre-printed asset tags that you can use to organize things that don't have barcodes on them already

Think of the scanner as just a fast, convenient way to capture the barcode number – the smarts are in the included software.

For more information on the current IntelliScanner product lineup, visit

If you already have your IntelliScanner the website you're on now is the IntelliScanner Help site – it contains everything you need to use your scanner, including setup help, documentation, software downloads, and support. Use the navigation to find all of the information you need to make the most of your scanner.

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