I'm trying to scan a bunch of items and add them to Inventory at the same time.

When you are initially adding items to our Inventory software, it's designed to add one item at a time since you would need to fill in the description for each item as it's added. There currently isn't a way to add a batch of blank records that you could fill in later.

Once your data has been entered, the scanner can be used to batch update or run inventory reports on multiple items.

If you want to scan a list of numbers from the scanner then fill in information later, we'd suggest scanning the data from the scanner into Microsoft Excel — the your IntelliScanner will type out the barcode numbers into the first column in Excel. You can enter some information into Excel then import that data into Inventory or simply import the list of barcode numbers from Excel into Inventory then fill in a description at a later time. Inventory supports importing tab-delimited text — save your information out of Excel as a tab-delimited text file. To import data into Inventory, click on the "File" menu option and select "Import Tab-Delimited File".