How do I move my Daneizo database to a new computer?

Below are the steps for moving your Daneizo data that you backed up using the Backup utility in the IntelliScanner Dashboard.

Part 1: Use the restore utility

Use the Restore utility in the IntelliScanner Dashboard. Launch the Dashboard, click on the "Tools" menu and select "Restore Databases". When prompted, select the "Apparent Corporation Backup" backup folder you created on the original computer - don't navigate down into it, just select the main folder.

Part 2: Move over your database file

Next, move over your database file for Daneizo. By default, Daneizo will save it database file - named "My Library.ddb" - to the "Documents" folder in your Home directory (though it's possible to save it elsewhere). Find the copy of your "My Library.ddb" file and move it over to the new computer (recommend placing it in your Documents folder). Launch Daneizo and when prompted to create a new database or open an existing one, select to open an existing database, then select your "My Library.ddb" file that you moved over to the new computer.